Sushi Zen makes me feel like I’m in Japan at that moment

 We all know how much many people just love food and exploring different kinds of cuisines from all over the world. I, myself, is someone who actually travels to different places just so I can get a taste of the original dishes coming from different countries. It’s a part of learning another country’s culture and history and I really enjoy doing just that. Besides, isn’t it wonderful to fill our stomachs of meals we haven’t tried before? It is very interesting and many cuisines already caught my attention but right now, I am solely focused on Japanese cuisine! 


I went to New York City last month for my trip and vacation and also, to find good places to eat. However, I wasn’t really foreign to this place since I pretty much lived half of my life in this place and just visited some good old friends and of course, my family. Going back was really refreshing to me and I really missed our old house especially the garage but since I’m living in a different place now, I just decided to recreate that kind of style and design with the help of Atlanta garage door repair services. I guess through this, I can bring back memories of my old home. 


But going back to my intention for coming to New York, I could clearly tell that my vacation trip was really worth it. I discovered new places that weren’t there before when I still lived in New York and I was more than happy to find out about them. After my first week, I learned about the Japanese Restaurant called Sushi Zen and I was more than glad I was able to discover this place. At that time, I wasn’t really up to Japanese cuisine but I decided to give it a try and thank goodness that I did because it made me realize I have to discover more of Japanese food! 


First of all, the place was really beautiful inside and out. I haven’t gone to Japan yet but going to Sushi Zen makes me feel like I’m in Japan at that moment. The interior designs and ambiance of the place give off the vibe you see in Japanese movies or dramas and it was really refreshing to me to experience such thing. The relaxing feeling made me enjoy my stay more and not to mention that their dishes and food were really extraordinary. 


I’ve tasted a few Japanese food before and all of them were great, however, I discovered more of the cuisine when I visited the restaurant and it feels like I just learned about their culture as well. The effort they gave while cooking for their dishes were really amazing since I know how much Japanese people really put in their best when cooking. It shows so much when I tasted all the foods I ordered. The experience was worth the visit and the wait. I never thought I’d love Japanese cooking so much that I plan to go to Japan just to discover more!