About Us

 Sushi Zen was created and built way back in the year 2002 when a Japanese family decided to move out and build their life as well in New York City. When they came to New York, the only thing on their minds was to start life anew as a family. However, they also kneow that they have to do something for a living as well. The father of the family was a Japanese cook and because he already has so many experience in cooking, it was not difficult for him to find a job as soon as possible. But of course, they didn’t stop there as they also started thinking about new things to do for their family. 


With the encouragement of his wife and his kids, he decided to create his own restaurant where he could also showcase Japanese cuisine to New York City. It was not an easy thing to do especially when they were just new to the place. But he got connections as well as a supportive family beside him so gave it a try but not without planning about it thoroughly. After a year, they were able to successfully put up their own Japanese restaurant and since they had a lot of savings, the money did not become a problem or a hindrance to their plan. 


The moment they built this place, many people started to become interested and curious about the restaurant probably because it was new and different from those you will see in New York City. People were so happy about the new restaurant and they were thankful that they got to experience Japanese cuisine through this place. The owners of Sushi Zen were also very thankful up until now because people keep supporting them and trusting their services. They only hope that this business will continue to be supported for the years to come.