Hello, can I ask if you provide a menu on your website? I do want to check your dishes and meals first before I visit your restaurant, I hope you can answer my question, thank you! 


Hi, thank you for sending us your question and for the interest in visiting our restaurant. Yes, we do have our menu given on this website and if you would like to check them out, just go to the ‘menu’ tab given at the top part of the homepage. The menu consists of the dishes and the meals we serve in our restaurant and the prices are there so you can check them too. 


Is it possible to just order from your restaurant and deliver it to our office or house? If yes, how? 


Thank you for asking us, yes it is possible to order from us and we will make sure to have them delivered to your doorstep or in front of your office. To order, you may choose to contact us through the numbers given in the contact section or just go to the ‘order’ tab on the homepage for ordering online.  


Hi, I am just wondering if your restaurant accepts reservations from customers. I hope you could answer me! 


Hello, thank you for sending us a message. Yes, Sushi Zen definitely accepts reservations from our customers. 


How can I make reservations at your restaurant? 


Thank you for asking us. If you visit the page, you will see the ‘reserve’ tab along with the others and you may just click that to be given the instruction on how to make reservations. You will be given a form which you have to fill out. If you have any questions about it or if you are having trouble with reserving a table, you may just contact us by sending us a message so we can help you.