Jay D. 


I visited this place with my friends last night to celebrate a birthday. We are actually not new to Japanese cuisines and we’ve been eating Japanese dishes for years. However, because we already have so many experiences in Japan and their foods, we’ve grown picky and very critical when it comes to restaurants and services. But visiting Sushi Zen for the very first time was something we never expected to turn out really good. We enjoyed the place and their meals which really tasted good and delicious as if eating in Japan for real. We learned that the owner was actually a Japanese cook and maybe that was one of the reasons why the place was really amazing and real, unlike other restaurants. 


Ary S. 


When I visited New York for a vacation, my grandmother brought me to this restaurant. I was really glad she did though because the service was really good! I never expected to enjoy Japanese cuisine so much and that I intend to come back again and again. My vacation in New York became more memorable since my grandma and I decided to eat here every week so I could enjoy my stay the whole month. Next time, I will bring my family here so they can experience it too. 


Van G. 


New York was a place new to me especially when I just moved although I really loved the new place I’m living in. However, since I lived in Japan for years, I tend to crave for food I’ve grown to love and am familiar with. I started to seek new places I could visit here and look up restaurants that were as good as the restaurants in Japan until I found Sushi Zen. My friend told me this place is awesome and the only thing I could do was agree with her the moment I visited the place! It was really worth the try.